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You have found the official home of the Massacre Rocks Idaho Rock Climbing Guide. South East Idaho has some of the greatest rock climbing to be found in the state. Here are some of the Idaho rock climbing areas you can get information on from SEIClimbing.com: Castle Rocks Zone 1, Castle Rocks Zone 2, Massacre Rocks, Ross Park Sunny Side, Ross Park Shady Side, Poky Bouldering, Poky South, Blackfoot Canyon, Wolverine Canyon, Heise, Paramount, Ririe Reservoir, Box Canyon, Darby Canyon, The Fins, The Midget Widget Wall, Teton Canyon

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Bureau of Reclamation Closing Areas Along Snake River at Massacre Rocks

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Many of you may have heard the news already but for those of you who haven’t here’s the official press release from the Bureau of Reclamation:

Reclamation Announces Temporary Closure of Project Lands to Public Use Downstream of American Falls Dam

The Bureau of Reclamation is announcing its decision to implement a non-emergency closure of its project lands along the Snake River downstream of American Falls Dam. The subject lands are in the vicinity of the Massacre Rocks State Park in Power County, Idaho. The closure affects all public use of these lands and will be effective March 31, 2012.

The area in question, which encompasses more than 4,000 acres, is experiencing degradation to a number of its resources. These resources are protected by federal laws that also task the agency to act in the best interest of their preservation. The closure is authorized by the current Code of Federal Regulations; specifically 43 CFR Part 423 under Subpart B – Areas Open and Closed to Public Use.

“Currently, Reclamation does not have the necessary protections in place to fully protect the natural and cultural resources in this area,” said Hap Boyer, Natural Resources Manager in the Upper Snake Field Office of the Bureau of Reclamation. “This closure is taking place to allow Reclamation to collect the data needed to guide future management strategies and decisions.”

The lands involved in this closure will remain closed to public use until proper studies can take place that will help determine how and when to re-open the lands. An amendment to the existing Resource Management Plan for this area will be undertaken as a result of the studies.

The closed lands will be patrolled by law enforcement. The public is urged to respect this closure and the need for these resources to remain undisturbed for a period of time.

For further information, please contact Robert “Hap” Boyer at (208) 678-0461, ext. 15 with the Bureau of Reclamation, Upper Snake Field Office in Burley, Idaho.

Just so everyone is clear on what this means to climbers here is a list of walls affected by this action:

  • Main Wall
  • Outback
  • Owl Cove
  • The Overlook
  • Forbidden Planet
  • French Wall
  • Hobbit Wall

This doesn’t change anything on State land or BLM land.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see enforcement officers out there this season so make sure you know where you’re at. This isn’t just a climbing ban, they’re closing the area to all activity so don’t think you’re safe just cause you’re not climbing. Having said that, I believe it’s clear that this is related to the action proposed by the BLM last year and that climbers are clearly the target. If you’re not a member of East Idaho Climbers Coalition (EICC) or the Access Fund now’s the time.

Help the Access Fund Help Us Save Massacre Rocks and Castle Rocks

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If you haven’t sent a letter to the powers that be regarding the climbing closures at Massacre Rocks and Castle Rocks here is an easy way to do so. Simply go to the Access Fund’s web site and use their letter writing tool. The letter is already written, however, you can tweak it if you wish. Please take the time to do so and help save access to some of the greatest rock climbing in the area! Again go to the Access Fund and submit your letter!

On another note, we need to unite to preserve climbing resources in Eastern Idaho, please consider joining the East Idaho Climbers Coalition. The cost to become a member is minimal and the money will be used to get the coalition running. By doing this we will have a united voice in issues that affect climbing.


  • Students: Free with activity card
  • Individuals: $10.00
  • Families: $15.00

These are introductory rates good through 12/31/2011

Mail your completed EICC Membership Form to:

1567 Sun Valley
Pocatello 8320

Thanks for taking action!

Public Meeting Dates Regarding Massacre Rocks Climbing Closure

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The Bureau of Land Management has set the dates for the public meetings regarding the proposed closure of the Cedar Fields Archeological District area at Massacre Rocks. The meetings are:

  • September 26th from 5-7 PM at the Pocatello City Hall
  • September 28th from 5-7 PM at the Burley Best Western just off the interstate

Please make all efforts to attend a meeting and voice your concerns regarding the proposed closure. The more citizens we have the more influence we will have to ensure that we don’t lose this precious climbing resource.

Massacre Rocks Climbing Access Update

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In the last two weeks there have been at least two encounters with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) at Massacre Rocks. One encounter was possibly with the BLM archeologist and some seasonal employees (don’t know for sure) and the other was with an enforcement officer, both have been documented. Both of these encounters occurred on state land and the BLM employees (including the enforcement officer) were horribly misinformed about the situation.

With cooler weather approaching rock climbing traffic is going to begin to pick up at Massacre Rocks and with the BLM working towards a climbing ban in the area it seems the BLM’s traffic at Massacre Rocks is picking up as well. If you’re going to frequent Massacre Rocks very often this fall it is very likely that you will encounter someone from the BLM out there. We want to take a moment and make sure that climbers at Massacre Rocks are better informed than the BLM employees seem to be.

  • In both of the encounters mentioned above the BLM personal stated that the entire area is closed or will be closed. This is not true! First, nothing is closed at this time. If the BLM is successful only the climbing areas that are on BLM land and fall within the Cedar Fields Archeological District will be affected. This is clearly marked on the map below. Second, the BLM just began the process. They filed the notice of intent in July and it was published to the federal register last Tuesday August 23rd. It will take a while for anything to be closed.
  • The BLM enforcement officer didn’t know which walls were on BLM land, which were on State, and which were on Bureau of Reclamation (BOR). The attached map should help you understand where the walls lie. As you can see, many of them are on State and BOR land and are not affected by the BLM’s proposal.

If you do encounter someone from the BLM while you’re climbing at Massacre Rocks here a some questions you might consider asking (I’m not expecting them to give you accurate answers but rather an opportunity for them to demonstrate their ignorance):

  • Who initiated this process? (they may tell you that the Indian Tribes did when in fact the BLM did before consulting with the Tribes)
  • Is there a comment period? When does it begin? When does it end? How do I make my comments?
  • What is the reason for the closure?
  • How will it be enforced?
  • How will the boundaries be marked?

Provide written comment by September 22, 2011 to either (see below for more ideas/points to consider when composing your letter):

Map of the proposed rock climbing closure at Massacre Rocks

Massacre Rocks Proposed Rock Climbing Closure Map

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Massacre Rocks Climbing in Jeopardy ?

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You have probably heard that the BLM is looking at a ban on rock climbing at Massacre Rocks. I have been told that Jason Keith, Access Fund Policy Director, indicated that Massacre Rocks isn’t closed yet and the BLM will have a comment period.

Please take the time, whether you are local or not, and call the BLM Burley Field Office and talk to Field Manager Mike Courtney. The number to call is (208) 677-6635. Let him know your concerns and question him on the details.

We need all the people that can to call, the BLM needs to understand how important Massacre Rocks is to the climbing community.

From most accounts, the major user groups of the Massacre Rocks on the north west side of the river are ATV/motorcycle riders and rock climbers.

We hope to have more information and if you have it please comment on this post.

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