Castle Rocks Climbing Closure
May 3, 2013
Image of Castle Rocks Idaho
Castle Rocks Idaho

It looks like the BLM wants to close 400 acres of climbing at Castle Rocks Idaho to rock climbing. Check out the Access Fund for more information and use their letter writing tool to express your concern with this closure.

The Facebook page for Castle Rocks has this to say :

This is a map (see below) showing the Castle Rocks Geological Area and the jurisdictional boundaries: State Park, BLM, and Forest Service. The most popular climbs are open and within the state park. The BLM has closed its jurisdictional lands to climbing, new trails, and dispersed camping, and these have been closed under temporary rules for years already. Hiking, hunting, and “scrambling” is still permitted. The closure was made to protect cultural resources. If you would like a copy of the BLM’s Record of decision, you can contact them at, or 208-677-6600.

Please understand: Castle Rocks State Park remains open to climbing and is managed according to the 2003 climbing management plan. The BLM’s decision has no effect on Castle Rocks State Park activities. We look forward to seeing you this summer, and at the Idaho Mountain Festival, September 26-29.

Despite having certain areas open we still should take action. Click image below to see the areas under BLM jurisdiction.

Image of Castle Rocks Jurisdictional Boundaries
Castle Rocks Jurisdictional Boundaries

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  1. This is a link to a website where the Access Fund has set up an email system so you can send an email to those that need to hear your opinion. You can make a difference!