Castle Rocks Climbing
October 24, 2008 By The Bruce

Here is a message we received from Brad Shilling, Climbing Ranger at the City of Rocks and Castle Rocks, on the opening of a new zone at Castle Rocks:
Hello SEIClimbing. Hey we’re opening the next Zone in Castle Rocks to drilling on October 25, 2008. For those interested, orientation is at nine […]

South Park
October 15, 2008 By The Bruce

A while back our very own Dean Lords filled us in on a new area in the Upper Valley. The area has been given the name South Park as a little play on the fact that it is along the South Fork of the Snake River.

Reel Rock Tour
October 4, 2008 By The Bruce

The I.S.U. Outdoor Adventure Center and Reed Gym are bringing in the Third Annual Reel Rock Film Tour. It looks like it will be the night of Thursday November 13. The show starts at 7 p.m. and is free to I.S.U. students, staff, and faculty, all others pay $7.00. The $7.00 is a great deal […]