South East Idaho Climbing
Keep it Clean
April 10, 2014 By The Bruce

As we roll into nice weather and climbing starts to consume our free time it is good to consider safety. Here is an older but quick and interesting read found on Climbing Magazine’s website. The article expounds on the importance of keeping your rope and other nylon gear clean.

Castle Rocks Climbing Closure
May 3, 2013 By The Bruce

It looks like the BLM wants to close 400 acres of climbing at Castle Rocks Idaho to rock climbing. Check out the Access Fund for more information and use their letter writing tool to express your concern with this closure.
The Facebook page for Castle Rocks has this to say :
This is a map (see below) […]


Asana presents the Idaho Mountain Festival, a four-day outdoor event at City of Rock National Reserve and Castle Rocks State Park in Idaho.
The Idaho Mountain Festival is a 4-day climbing, trail running, and mountain biking event that has little to do with competition and more about the celebration and gathering of these great outdoor sports.
These two parks […]

Full Short of Jonathan Siegrist’s Algorithm
September 18, 2012 By The Bruce

Here is the finished short film of Jonathan’s first ascent of his new route Algorithm at Idaho’s Fins

Algorithm from MAXIM DYNAMIC ROPES on Vimeo.
Enjoy and check out JSTAR’s blog for his report on two other routes he sent at The Fins.

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