South East Idaho Climbing

The eagerly awaited latest version of Dave Bingham’s iconic City of Rocks Climber’s Guide will be available by mid-September and Wolverine publishing is offering a pre-order discount of $5.
The new guide book covers both City of Rocks and Castle Rocks State Park and is a significant upgrade over past editions.  The whole new format includes loads […]

There is a new version of the free online Massacre Guidebook, highlights include:
* Reformatted to be more compact and easily printed, cut and bound into a handy 5″x8″ field guide.
* New graphics for the public access driving directions.
* New graphics for the cliff/crag locations at Massacre.
* New table of contents to find areas and crags […]

East Idaho Climbers Coalition was awarded a grant by the Access Fund for fixed anchor hardware replacement at Massacre Rocks.
All fixed anchor hardware replacement will be focused on the Idaho State Land portion of Massacre Rocks.  Routes targeted for hardware replacement are located in the All American Area, Red Light District, Funny Business Area, and […]

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